International Student Program

Students looking for an international experience may choose to apply for a five month, ten month or multi-year program. Students applying through the ASD-W website, must be accompanied by a parent who must stay for the duration of the school program (five months or ten months). Students who wish to stay with a private Homestay (eg., relative, family friend, etc.) or need assistance in securing a Homestay, must apply through Atlantic Education International (AEI). Students in Grades 6-12 will complete a language assessment to determine English language skills. This will help schools determine what supports may be necessary. English as an Additional Language classes may be offered to help support students in building English language skills. Some students chose to follow a NB graduation pathway, enrolling in grade 11 and 12 courses that can be used for credit towards NB graduation. View the graduation requirements in the QUESTIONS section of the webpage.

Exchange Students

Exchange students must be affiliated with a recognized agency who registers both the "in-coming" and "out-going" students with the school. In this regard, respective tuition fees would cancel each other. Accommodations and medical insurance would also be the responsibility of the participating agency. Interested students must have the agency representing them contact Joanne Williams ( who can assist with school registration.

Grade/School Placement

It should be clearly understood, before making an application, that students will be placed in the grade level that matches their age as of Dec 31 in the year in which they arrive, regardless of what grade level they are in or have accomplished in their own country. Our experience has shown that age appropriate grade level placement provides a very positive social environment and that the initial nervousness or concerns disappear very quickly. Exceptions will be granted to Grade 11 and 12 students to accommodate graduation requirements. These students will have their school records reviewed by guidance counselors to determine the most appropriate placement.

Refund Policy

Students must have valid reason for a withdrawal to occur and must seek permission form Anglophone West School District. A pro-rated refund will be made based on the cost of the monthly tuition. Students withdrawing before the 15th of the month will have that month's tuition included in their refund. Students withdrawing after the 15th of the month will forfeit that month's tuition. Refunds will be only be made to the person who paid the tuition originally.

Termination Policy

Anglophone West School District reserves the right to TERMINATE the acceptance of a student at any time as it determines the need to do so. The Termination will typically occur following a period of consultation with the student, custodian, natural parent and Education agent in an attempt to correct the problem. If consultation does not bring the desired result, the school and school district will enforce termination. Termination will result in the student immediately being suspended from school and returned to their home country at the expense of the natural parents.

Tuition Fees

The tuition fee for the 2020-2021 school year is $15,100 for the full school year (10 month) or $7550.00 for one semester or less.


When To Apply

School Start DateApplication OpeningApplication Closing
1st Semester - Early September February 15th May 15th
2nd Semester - Early February September 15th November 1st